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Bringing Up the Kindele

Never mind the French — we Jews have our parenting secrets too. If I ever write another book, this is it.  Bringing Up the Kindele: A Jewish Mother Shares the Secrets Behind Raising Children Who Don’t Listen, Won’t Shut Up and Might Never, Ever Leave Your Side. When Helaine Olen gave birth, she knew nothing about ...Read more.

They’re All Wrong

Private schools encouraging use of tutors by students....Read more.

The World, C’est Moi

First, let me say I am terribly sorry to read about Sandra Tsing-Loh’s divorce which, according to her essay in the most recent issue of The Atlantic, apparently occurred after she could not meet a deadline imposed by her therapist for re-committing to her (still) husband after she enjoyed a brief affair. But I think ...Read more.


I signed on to the LA Times this weekend, and saw the weather was hot in my old hometown. High eighties, low nineties every day out, with Santa Anas expected. It made me nostalgic, because the year of Jake’s birth was quite similar. A long cool summer, with June gloom lasting well into August, followed ...Read more.

I Heart Mary Ann Mason

I must confess I tossed aside the galley of Mothers on the Fast Track by Mary Ann Mason and her daughter Eve Mason Ekman a year ago, barely bothering to read more than the ill chosen title.  I was absolutely sure it was yet another book about how those darn moms didn’t know how to ...Read more.

Beach Baby

I’m not one to underestimate all the things that have changed in our society since I was a child due to the influx of mothers into the paid workforce, but I can’t quite bring myself to blame them for the demise of local pool clubs, a la The Washington Post, especially when it seems the ...Read more.


Hot off the presses from Publishers Lunch: UCLA Medical Center OB/GYN Dr. Michael Lu’s HOW TO MAKE A SMART AND HEALTHY BABY: What You Need to Know Before You Get Pregnant, revealing the latest science on how preconception is a critical period for a child’s lifelong health and development while offering easy-to-follow advice including how ...Read more.

It’s All Genetics, of Course

My out-to-lunch parenting skills finally explained, courtesy of Dutch researchers. Their study also explains, no doubt, why I found this article from The Weekly Standard so compelling. The title says it all. It’s called, “The Kindergarchy: Every Child a Dauphin.” Go read it.  The author posits that there is something very, very wrong with how we ...Read more.

The Wrong Movie

Years ago, the incomparable Ron Rosenbaum wrote a terrific essay called “My Theater Problem — and Ours,” in which he postulated the concept of “the wrong performance.” Instead of paraphrasing, I will quote directly: I always seem to be seeing plays that seem utterly unlike what everyone else seems to have seen. I’m forever going ...Read more.

Co-Parenting is a Synonym for Twice as Much Work

As someone who fell into co-parenting (those of you who know me know both my husband and I work out of the house these days), I’m here to tell everyone what is wrong with this on-the-face-of-it amazing advance in sexual relations. In the time my husband and I spend negotiating the logistics of school pick-ups, playdate organization and ...Read more.