It’s All Genetics, of Course

My out-to-lunch parenting skills finally explained, courtesy of Dutch researchers. Their study also explains, no doubt, why I found this article from The Weekly Standard so compelling. The title says it all. It’s called, “The Kindergarchy: Every Child a Dauphin.” Go read it.  The author posits that there is something very, very wrong with how we raise our children today. The money quote:

My mother never read to me, and my father took me to no ballgames, though we did go to Golden Gloves fights a few times. When I began my modest athletic career, my parents never came to any of my games, and I should have been embarrassed had they done so. My parents never met any of my girlfriends in high school. No photographic or video record exists of my uneven progress through early life.  

As someone who spent $700 last year at a school auction last year to have a teacher take pictures of my younger son over the course of the school year, I think the author’s parents were on to something. 

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