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Bringing Up the Kindele

Never mind the French — we Jews have our parenting secrets too. If I ever write another book, this is it.  Bringing Up the Kindele: A Jewish Mother Shares the Secrets Behind Raising Children Who Don’t Listen, Won’t Shut Up and Might Never, Ever Leave Your Side. When Helaine Olen gave birth, she knew nothing about ...Read more.

My Next Book

Pound Foolish is on Amazon! Go take a look!...Read more.

Daily Blogging for Babble

I’m blogging once a day for Babble’s Strollerderby blog. Come visit me!...Read more.

It’s Off to Work We Go

As we end the work week, I’d like to revisit an interview The New York Times interview ran recently with children’s writer Rebecca Stead. Stead, the author of the wonderful Newbery Medal winning children’s novel “When You Reach Me,” chatted with the Times about for a feature about what her typical Sunday with her husband ...Read more.