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Making capitalism out of lemons

Today's discerning parents insist lemonade stands teach children lessons about capitalism – can't we all just have fun?

Let's take a moment to praise the humble lemonade stand.

Defending the nation's young merchants of lemonade is something of an annual tradition for me. Last year, I did a spoken commentary for American Public Media's Marketplace Money, protesting the number of lemonade consumers who were less than happy that my 12-year-old son...Read more.

Who Killed Hostess Brands and Twinkies?

I’m sure you have, by now, heard the news. , the company that gave us such remembered childhood treats as Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Devil Dogs and other baked foodstuffs that have fallen into disfavor in our more gourmand age, announced today that it would be closing for business, effective immediately. More than a few observers ...Read more.