Helaine’s made numerous media and speaking appearances including on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, PBS’s Frontline, CBS This Morning, Amercian Public Media’s Marketplace and at The New America Foundation.  She’s a lively and fun speaker, expert at both engaging her audience and making them laugh. She loves taking questions, and is known for staying long after the presentation to speak with audience members one-on-one.

Speaking Topics

Pound Foolish: Exposing the Dark Side of the Personal Finance Industry

Helaine takes her audience on multiple journeys in this lively chat. First, she discusses her own voyage from financial ignoramus to expert. She gives a lively history of personal finance, and how our lives were gradually financialized and discusses how so many problems that were political in nature were presented as individual financial failings. Finally, she takes on what makes for a personal finance expert in the United States and why so many of our gurus are misleading us about important financial facts.

Women and Money

We know about women and money. We’re financially illiterate. We shop when we should save. We don’t take investment risks. We’re too emotional. Actually, there is no evidence any of this is true. Women have less money than men not because they don’t save and invest as well as men, but because we earn less and live longer. Helaine will discuss how we can each take control of our financial lives, even as she discusses what the government and financial services sector can do to help women achieve financial equality with men.

Retirement: What Comes Next

Helaine begins with the premise that the current American retirement system is a failure. She discusses the history of the concept, and how current well-meant arrangements led to such a bad outcome. Even as she discusses the steps we need to take to protect ourselves in the current environment, she elaborates on promising reform proposals.

How to Protect Yourself

Helaine discusses the steps we can take to protect ourselves from predatory financial advice and financial scams. She tells the audience the questions they should ask of anyone they seek out (or who seeks them out) for financial advice.