This Might Just Be the Funniest Blog Ever

Never mind Stuff White People Like. Check out the hilariously un-pc Blognigger. Let it be noted for the record that the rage of us native NYC kids who can no longer afford to live within the boundaries five boroughs (ok, I mean the gentrified parts of the five boroughs) knows no bounds. His side-splitting take-down of the reception newbie Brooklynites are giving to the opening of an Ikea in Red Hook cannot be described but must be read. Then there is the saga of the homeless man on the A train …

I should note there is some debate on Gawker as to whether he’s for real or not. I just got off the phone with another native NYC pal now living in Westchester exile and we agree: He’s for real and if he’s not, we don’t care.  You go, Blognigger! 

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