Today, I decided to tell Jake, who was home sick from school, what life was like in the distant past when mommy was eight years old.

Me: Televisions only had thirteen channels. There was no remote. You had to get off the couch and change the channel.

Jake: That’s horrible.

Me: And if you called someone on the telephone and they weren’t home, the phone would just ring and ring. And if they were home, they had no way of knowing who was calling. We didn’t have caller ID.

Jake: No caller ID?

Me: No caller ID.  We had to pick up the phone to find out who was calling.

Jake: Weren’t you scared? How did you know it wasn’t a robber calling?

Me: No, we knew they were our friends.  

I decided to not tell him that he had just fingered the plot of more horror movies than I can list here. 

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