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Internships: why paying for experience is bad business

It's no longer enough to be willing to work for free – now you need to pay for the privilege of working for no salary

Psst. Want a job working for Miami Heat basketball star LeBron James? There's a nice internship in online marketing and another in content development currently being advertised on his website. If you are interested, you best get on it quick. Applications are due Tuesday.

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Hormones don’t hurt female investors – inequality does

Thoughts about sex and stocks have a long lineage on Wall Street, and they're not meant to be helpful to women

If a gaffe, in the famous formulation of journalist Michael Kinsley, can be best described as when someone accidentally admits the truth, then hedge fund star Paul Tudor Jones made a doozy of one at an off-the-record chat hosted by the University of Virginia last month.

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Homeward bound: why leaning into the past is not what women need

Generation Y's retreat into domestic bliss is all well and good – but it's only an individual solution to a systemic problem

It's a truth universally acknowledged that most women will eventually find the work world overwhelming. Perhaps the final straw will come when the boss is less than understanding when the kid is sick and needs to stay home from school. Maybe it will come when you realize everyone in...Read more.

Missing jobs create a hole in the lives of the unemployed

Long-term consequences of unemployment will have a ripple effect, causing income and net worth loss decades in the future

Since the start of the Great Recession in December 2007, the American economy has lost 8.7m jobs. While economic growth has resulted in the creation of more than five million new positions, that's still almost three million short of the number of jobs needed.

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America’s silent freelance army

The US last calculated the number of contingent workers in 2005 – how can we structure better policies without hard data?

What kind of job do you have?

No, I don't mean what do you do for a living. Do you have a job, a regular position with set days and hours? One of those old-fashioned things that comes with – at least we hope – health insurance, retirement benefits, vacation and sick...Read more.

Sheryl Sandberg is the ultimate good girl careful not to upset those in power

The good girl myth states that women only have to behave themselves and play by the rules to win in the workplace

Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook, is perpetuating the "good girl" myth.

The good girl myth states that women only have to behave themselves and play by the rules, and then they'll get everything they want. In 2010, Sandberg declared in a 15-minute TED talk that women...Read more.