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Why Not to Worry About American Children

There are stories that remind you that the vast majority of issues American parents worry about are absolute bs in the greater scheme of things. This is one of them....Read more.

In Case Anyone Is Wondering

Now that John Edwards has withdrawn from the race for President, I’m planning on voting for Barack Obama....Read more.

On Iowa and elections

At a dinner last winter with my writing partner and her husband, I said that when it came to the next presidential election I would bet on an African American man over a woman any day. Needless to say, I stand by my prediction....Read more.


I’ve been a journalist long enough to know when someone wants to bury a story and we saw a prime example recently, courtesy of the journal Science and the MacArthur Foundation. They released a study on Friday, December 21 – yes, that’s the December 21st that occurs four days before Christmas – comparing the intellectual ...Read more.