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Justin Bieber to Promote a Prepaid Debit Card

If there is any chance that ’s alleged marijuana use will delay the release of his soon-to-debut contribution to the prepaid debit card market, I will personally thank the powers-that-be at the TMZ for publishing pictures of the teen heartthrob smoking what they say they suspect is the still-illegal weed earlier this week. To review: ...Read more.

Holiday Retail Sales Barely Budge Over Last Year

A quick note on those 2012 holiday retail sales figures …. The Christmas retail sales numbers are beginning to be released, and let’s just say it wasn’t a very merry holiday season for the nation’s shopping sector. According to  Advisors SpendingPulse, 2012 holiday sales increased by a grand total of 0.7 percent from last year. ...Read more.

Bill Ackman Takes on Herbalife

Pershing Square’s Bill Ackman might well have given a few desperate Americans an early Christmas gift last week when he took on nutritional supplement company in a three-hour presentation at a special session of the Sohn Conference in City. No, I am not discussing Ackman’s now famous short of the company, based on his contention ...Read more.

Barack Obama And The Federal Government Are Not Taking Your 401(k)

s supposed secret and diabolical plan to steal your 401(k) monies to plug holes in the federal budget, one of the many low points of the 2008 presidential campaign, is back. It appears to have started on this go-round  with World Net Daily’s Jerome Corsi, best known for his opinions about the validity of ‘s ...Read more.

IBM Makes Changes To Its 401(k) Plan

When it comes to pension and 401(k) plans, has long been a trendsetter.  That’s a worrisome fact in view of the company’s recent controversial change to their employee retirement plan. As of January 1, 2013, will no longer give employees their 401(k) match with each pay cycle. Instead, the technology behemoth will make one large ...Read more.

The Starbucks Steel Card Is Now Selling For More Than Twice Its Face Value On EBay

If you missed out on Friday’s offering of the limited edition steel card, there is a second – and third, and fourth and fifth – chance for you over on the online auction site eBay. There’s only one problem. The Metal Card is going to cost you. As of the time of posting, one had ...Read more.

Lena Dunham Doesn’t Write For Money

Lena Dunham, she of the $3.5 million book deal, thinks writing for money is “weird.” This statement comes at the beginning of an essay she penned for the published screenplay for Judd Apatow’s This is 40, where Dunham ponders the “many reasons” people write which include “glory” and the ability to use the keyboard to ...Read more.

Too Big To Fail Banks Turn To Ma And Pa Investor To Make A Buck

Banks such as & Co, JP Morgan Chase & Co and Goldman Sachs, under pressure from a host of national and international laws meant to stop a repeat of the events of 2008, have now found themselves a new moneymaking opportunity: You. According to an article published today by .com, these global financial behemoths “have ...Read more.

Suze Orman Thinks You Should Consider An Acura

Say it ain’t so, . Say you ain’t backing up from your long-standing advice that purchasing a new car is almost always a bad idea. But how else to explain Orman’s appearance in a commerical for Acura’s 2012 “Season of Reason” ad campaign? In the spot, which began airing earlier this month, Orman, driving a brand ...Read more.

When Larry Hagman Met the Financial Services Industry

On television, actor Larry Hagman played Texas wheeler-dealer J.R. Ewing on the hit show . No one ever got the better of lyin’, cheatin’ J.R. Ewing. In real life Hagman, who died Friday at the age of 81, was not so lucky. According to , one in five Americans over the age of 65 will either ...Read more.