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The economic plan to rob grandma’s bread basket | Helaine Olen

Republicans insist the government is spending too much on social security. Their solution? Something called chained CPI 

Here is one of the problems in retirement planning: you can go along for years, faithfully using retirement calculators, re-balancing your stock market investments, reading your estimated social security payouts, just sure you are on track and – well, poof! – the rules of the game can change in an instant.

And, apparently, the United...Read more.

Your 401k won’t save you | Helaine Olen

Most of us have less than $100,000 in retirement savings, less than half what some estimate is needed

Most of us respond to questions about our financial prospects after retirement with sentiments that could be best be compared to the look on Captain Quint's face when he realized he was about to be eaten by the shark in the 1970s classic Jaws.

There is a $6.6tn gap between what we...Read more.